Belair Christmas Lights

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2016 Progress

Lots of fixing of minor problems before any of the new lights can go up.  Way behind where I wanted to be.  Hopefully the next few nights I can get caught up again and have all the new stuff up and running.    

October / November:
Continued sequencing for new songs.  Built new RBG flood lights.  Worked new disco lights into sequences.  Waited for new LED strings to arrive.   Only arrived at end of November and now a mad panic to get everything finished ready for a Dec 1 switch on.
Kickstarter fundraiser was not a success, so may try again next year now I have learnt a bit more about it.  While I went ahead and built the boards anyway, I havent programmed or tested them yet.   
Not sure if I will use the new wireframes (See May below).  The song they were going to be used with hasn't been finished. 

Continued sequencing for new songs.  Soldered 20 additional controller boards so far, 40 more on order.
Bought new LED strings, power supplies and circuit components.  
Trialled a Kickstarter fundraiser project to help cover some of the costs but not much luck so far.  

 Ive designed some new controller circuits and have sent them off for manufacture.
Installed newest Vixen Software - look awesome and again thanks to the Vixen team for their efforts in producing such an awesome free piece of software. 
Started on adding some new songs.  Two more are planned - Dont Stop the Santa Man and Christmas Rhapsody.  
Looked at options for new elements for this year to freshen up the show.    Considering multicoour RBG spotlights, hanging baubles, new singing trees, new window and balcony light strings (move to RGB LED strip rather than single LEDs), possible new mini trees down driveway.

May - June:
Started building 4x new wireframe singing trees for balcony.  These will be included in the display for 2016.